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We build financial ecosystems on the blockchain

We help create financial products that use efficient, transparent and secure transactions without the participation of banks. This allows you to reduce costs and increase the availability of financial services for individuals and legal entities
We will assemble a set of applications into a single infrastructure to solve your problems
We will develop an individual design for all products
We will create additional functionality on request

We have developed 8 principles for building an effective ecosystem

We provide seamless communication and collaboration of various systems and devices
We lay the foundation for the ability to handle a growing number of users and transactions without compromising performance
We protect against unauthorized access, ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data
We create individual experiences for individual users based on their preferences and behavior
We collect and analyze data to obtain high-quality information and make decisions
We provide the ability to adapt to changing business needs and market conditions
User-centric design
We design ecosystems with an emphasis on the needs and goals of the end user
We provide the opportunity for regular updates and development based on feedback and changing needs

What components can include a financial ecosystem

The composition of products and solutions is determined by the business concept and the range of tasks to be solved
Cryptocurrency exchanges
Platforms where individuals and businesses can buy, sell and exchange various cryptocurrencies
Decentralized Finance Platforms — DeFi
Decentralized platforms that allow you to provide loans, loans and other financial services using smart contracts on the blockchain
Payment Processors
Systems that ensure secure and efficient transfer of funds using blockchain technology
Digital Wallets
Software that allows people to securely store and manage their digital assets such as cryptocurrencies
Supply chain systems
Using a smart contract to automate the process of tracking and financing the movement of goods and services along the supply chain
Personal identification systems
Decentralized systems that allow individuals and businesses to securely and efficiently verify their identity for financial transactions
Representation of real assets, such as shares, real estate, or works of art, in the form of digital tokens
Blockchain based money transfers
Cross-border money transfer services that use blockchain technology to provide low-cost and fast transactions
Our Solutions

Why our solutions suit you

To deploy a cryptocurrency exchange, we use our own Light Exchange 3.0 solution. This is a fairly flexible technology that can be customized to suit your requirements
Launch in 4 months
Unique design and customization
High security
Web + mobile apps
Scalability when changing loads
Technical support after development

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