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Development and launch of a crypto exchange in 3 months

Ready-made centralized and decentralized solutions
Individual design of the web version and mobile applications
Additional functionality on request
Market 2022–2023

Is it worth launching your own cryptocurrency exchange in 2023?

It seems that the cryptocurrency market in 2022 experienced a series of upheavals and was covered by a wave of disappointment. But what really happened? What lies behind the hype news agenda?
Institutional adoption takes place 👍
Governments, banks, and hedge funds have begun to show a growing interest in cryptocurrencies. This could lead to wider adoption and an influx of institutional capital into the market
Moving towards transparency 🤟
Governments and regulators around the world are already working to develop clear guidelines and regulations for the cryptocurrency market. Clearer regulation will increase investor confidence and promote market development
Blockchain continues to evolve 🛠
Improvements in scalability, interoperability, and security can facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrencies and the development of new use cases for this technology
Any volatility can be used 👌🏻
Cryptocurrency markets are very volatile, and prices for coins and tokens can fluctuate dramatically. High volatility can be an obstacle to the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, but attract more traders. The exchange can make a profit in any case
Business profitability

How much can a cryptocurrency exchange earn

There are many factors that affect the financial performance of the exchange. However, it is possible to estimate the profitability of an exchange based on the income it generates and the expenses incurred.

A successful exchange can be a very profitable business. Commissions for trading, withdrawals and deposits, listing of new coins can generate significant income.

Access to a growing market. The cryptocurrency market is experiencing steady growth. More and more people are buying, trading and owning digital assets. Running your own exchange gives you a direct connection to a growing market.

Consider an example of calculating the profitability of a hypothetical exchange:
Monthly earnings
Trading fees
$1 000 000
Commission for withdrawal and deposit
$200 000
Listing fee
$50 000
Monthly expenses
Employee salary
$200 000
Server and infrastructure costs
$200 000
Legal and compliance costs
$50 000
Total monthly income
$1 250 000
Total monthly expenses
$450 000
Total monthly profit
$800 000
This is a rough example of calculating the profitability of a crypto exchange. It does not include all expenditure and income streams, but gives a general idea. It is important to keep in mind that this is an average return, as the performance of an exchange can vary greatly depending on market conditions, demand for services, and their competitive positioning.

It is also worth noting that in fact, different exchanges charge different commissions, have different costs and profitability may be different
Our solution

Why our solution suits you

To deploy a cryptocurrency exchange, we use our own Light Exchange 3.0 solution. This is a fairly flexible technology that can be customized to suit your requirements
Launch in 3 months
Unique design and customization
High security
Web + mobile apps
Scalability when trading volume changes
Technical support after development

Features of Light Exchange 3.0

By launching your own exchange on our solution, you control the result from the design and layout of the platform to functions and tools. This allows you to create a unique solution and distinguish the exchange from competitors. Serve specific user groups to help attract and retain customers

Working with users

Personal Area
Two-factor authentication
By email or Google account
Interface localization


KYC procedure
DDOS protection
Google ReCaptcha

Basic functionality

Deposit and withdrawal of money
Fiat and cryptocurrencies
News Center
Control Panel
Setting up currency pairs
Unique Design

Working with assets

Connecting Tether (ETH) for depositing and withdrawing funds
Connecting an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum
Connecting a TRC-20 token based on Tron
Depositing and withdrawing bitcoins, creating bitcoin addresses
Deposit and withdrawal of Ethereum, creation of Ethereum addresses

How the process of creating an exchange works

To launch a cryptocurrency exchange, there are many factors to consider. Legal aspects, security, competitive environment and characteristics of the target audienc
Requirements Gathering and Planning
Definition of the target market, functions and services. Learn about both the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to cryptocurrency exchanges in the jurisdiction in which you wish to operate. Preparation of technical specifications and work planning
Development and testing
Creation of a design concept, design and development of interfaces for the web version and mobile applications. Adaptation and refinement of functionality to the requirements collected at the first stage. Integration of the necessary trading and payment systems. Functionality and security testing
Launch and support
Public launch followed by maintenance of the platform. Updates, release of new functionality and bug fixes
It should be noted that the process can be non-linear. You can return to the previous stages in order to optimize and develop the exchange after receiving and analyzing real data

How much does it cost to develop an exchange

Base price in the described volume
$59 900
Additional functionality

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