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Web3 development services

Since 2015, we have been helping companies and startups build businesses based on Web3 technologies

We help our clients to keep up with the times by providing relevant and in-demand solutions in the modern technology market. With our solutions, companies and developers in e-com, industry, entertainment and social projects can build products, create and sell products, reduce costs, grow and achieve new goals
We develop solutions for integration into your products
We develop turnkey solutions for your purposes
We develop our own products, launch, develop

Consciously apply Web3 technologies to achieve maximum results

We develop smart contracts
We develop decentralized applications
We advise on the use of blockchain in specific cases
We create and deploy private blockchain networks for organizations
We create and maintain public blockchain networks
We develop secure digital wallets for cryptocurrencies
We integrate blockchain technologies with existing systems and platforms
We create solutions for tracking and managing supply chains
We tokenize assets
Formats of cooperation

Depending on the tasks, conditions and preferences of the client, we offer different formats of cooperation

We calculate the labor costs in advance and set the price. Suitable for small projects, with a clear result
Fixed Price, Fixed Time, Flex Scope - used for phased development with an assessment of each stage. Suitable for large projects
Time & Materials
You pay for "hours". Suitable for high uncertainty environments
You pay a fixed price per month for a fixed amount of work. suitable for dedicated command format

We have deep knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology and its various applications

We create secure solutions using advanced encryption and other security measures
We help to reduce the cost of intermediaries, speed up and automate processes
We create solutions that increase transparency and contribute to the growth of trust in transactions

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